The Tour Caddie - Pro Edition

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Light Up Your Green With Solar Lights!

The Tour Caddie Pro Edition includes the following:

  • 3 feet x 3.5 feet Chipping Green
  • SureFit Hitting Mat (which doubles as a protective cover when not in use)
  • Removable Flagstick
  • 18 Pack of Practice Balls (9 white and 9 yellow for team play)
  • Handcrafted Landscapes (trees and flowers)
  • Solar Lights Available

The Tour Caddie Editions from Greens Come True are made to travel with you wherever you go!  It is the most compact green we offer, but it is one of our most versatile products.  Tour Caddie Editions offer play for indoors, outdoors, and of course in the pool!  They are extremely lightweight and allow you to take it to the beach, camping, tailgating, or for home use right in your backyard!