Steve's Story:

For almost twenty years now I have been creating my own personal chipping and putting areas in my back yard. I have always been fascinated with the short shots in golf…the shots that take creativity and touch in order to get the ball close to the hole, so chipping and pitching have been my favorite shots to practice. I mean, getting the ball on the green is half the battle of the game and for most of us chipping is the way we get there! There’s nothing like that feeling you get when you chip one close to the hole, so I wanted to create that feeling at home! I have been an avid golf fan and a fan of sports in general, but after watching The Players at TPC Sawgrass a few years back I became enamored with the island 17th Hole, as most golf fans have been over the years. All I could think about was how I could have my own island green…so that’s when I began constructing my first floating chipping green. Over the years I have made several variations, some had lights, some had bunkers, some had flowers, and it seemed the options were limitless! Since the greens were lightweight and would float, they became a huge hit at parties! So much so that friends started asking me to make them one for their own homes and that is when I knew I was on to something. While away on one of our many family outings we brought a green to the beach for a camping trip. With my toes in the sand I was hitting shots and practicing outside the motor home and different crowds of people began to stop and watch in fascination. With each passing person they would stop and watch a few shots…some would ask where they could get one and others you could just see the childlike joy in their faces while watching me hit. That was when I decided to turn this two decade long hobby into a business with hopes of spreading that same joy to all of my customers! I my personal experience, a family that golfs together, stays together. My wife and I had our first date on the golf course and that has become our motto ever since we had our first child. Not long after he was born we strapped our clubs to the stroller and hit the links! We now get the chance to spread the joy of this game and bring our friends and family together with our own greens at home.

Gabe’s Story:

The game of golf has always been my first love! I have been playing golf for over 25 years and firmly believe you can learn everything you need to know about someone in the course of 18 Holes. Golf can teach someone so many things to help them in everyday life: respect, etiquette, adversity, sportsmanship, focus and confidence. Steve and I met our sophomore year of high school and since we were the new kids we gravitated towards each other. We have always kept in touch over the years and when Steve came to me with the idea of creating these greens, it just made perfect sense. He sent me out a few in order to mess around with and they have now become a staple of my home life! I use it, my daughter chips to it, and even the dogs like to sunbath on them! I knew Steve had created something that could bring people together and I had to be a part of the journey.